What is WPS Function and How It Can Be Enabled?

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Most of the users don’t know, that they have WPS function in their routers. Simply put, WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is technology, that was made to make network connection for devices easier. With this technology, you don’t need to remember your wireless network password.

Modern routers usually support this technology and have special WPS button on their bodies. Moreover, similarly named tab should be in configurations. In this article I would tell you what is WPS and show you how it can be used.

About WPS and how it can be used

WPS button, which usually locates on router’s backside. Sometimes, it can be used to reset router settings to factory defaults, so if you press and hold it for about 5 seconds, your settings may be dropped.

Here is pictures, how WPS button looks on routers from different manufacturers:



If you can’t find this button on router, enter in network configuration panel and find WPS tab here.

Press and hold button for about 1 second to activate function. After this, WPS light should start blinking. Function period is time limited, so if it will stop blinking, use this button again.

Device Wi-Fi connection using WPS

We find out how WPS can be enabled, so now I would show you how to connect devices using it.

WPS connection methods:

  • If you use USB Wi-Fi adapter and it has WPS button, you could press WPS button on router and adapter to connect your device to wireless network.
  • Laptops, smartphones and tablets don’t have this button, so it’s necessary to press WPS button on router and configure your device on this connection type. Way how it must be configured depends on what device you have.
  • Some router models don’t have button on their bodies. It doesn’t mean this technology isn’t supported on certain router. Try to enable WPS using configuration panel of your device.
  • PIN code method. It’s necessary to set special PIN in WPS function settings. After this, you can connect devices to network using this PIN code specifying this method in connection configurations.

In some routers WPS function is disabled by default, so if this connection method doesn’t work, you should check router WPS settings.

Win 7,8,10 PCs

Open available network list and connect to necessary network. There will be window with password field. There should be message notifying about button method. If there isn’t, wait a few seconds.

Press WPS button and PC will be connected to wireless network.

After this, you can use wireless Internet connection.

Android devices

To use WPS function on Android, you should open Wi-Fi settings and find there Advanced settings. Choose connection using WPS and press button on router. After this, your smartphone or tablet will be connected automatically.

In different device’s models tab names will be different too, but way how it can be done is the same. Moreover, you can set WPS with PIN code connection method.

iOS doesn’t support WPS connection method

How enable WPS on router?

There are 2 most important WPS things, that can be configured in router settings: WPS function enable state and PIN code. All router manufacturers have their own configuration interfaces, so sometimes tab names are can differ.


All WPS configuration on Tp-Link routers are in “WPS” tab, but only if you have the latest firmware version.


Login to your router and open “WLAN” tab. on the bottom you will find WPS settings:

ZyXEL Keenetic

If you are ZyXEL router owner, just open “Wi-Fi network” tab to access router WPS settings.


Enter in router admin panel and follow this way “Wi-Fi”->”WPS”. This function is disabled by default, so enable it.

Don’t forget to save changes.


WPS is very easy understandable technology, that can help you to connect device to wireless network without password.

Recommend you to disable WPS function if you don’t use it very often.