What Is Wireless Access Point?

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In this article I would tell you about access points and how your router can be configured as Access Point.

Firstly, let’s find out what is router? It is used to provide Internet connection from ISP to several devices organized in local network. Every device in this local network has its own IP address.

Access point and its usage

Router and access point aren’t the same definition. Simply put, AP is stripped-down version of router, because it uses already made network to provide Internet connection for devices. It doesn’t set IP addresses to connected devices, doesn’t connect to ISP, doesn’t have firewall. As was mentioned above, router creates its own wireless network, to which you can connect via Wi-Fi and get Internet connection.

Some access point model can perform described router functions, but only via Static IP protocol. It has only 1 cable port, so AP can’t share Internet connection using cable method.

The most convenient usage of access points is increasing your Wi-Fi or ADSL network coverage. There are 2 ways how it can be done: you can connect your access point to first router via network cable or Wi-FI. In second case it’s necessary to set up your device as repeater or WDS mode.

Router as access point

Every router is access point, because it can be used to get Internet connection. Moreover, most of the routers can be used in AP mode. Article about enabling this mode on different manufacturers router models can be found on our website.

If you enable AP mode on your device, IP set function, firewall and Network address translation will be disabled too.

Some models don’t have this mode in configurations, but you can disable DHCP server manually and do some other changes.


If you aren’t advanced modern devices user, better to ask someone to help you choose necessary for your purposes device. If you are newbie and don’t know people, who can be asked, recommend you to buy router, because every router can be used as access point. Access point can’t be used in router mode, so router is 2 in 1 network device and great choice for people, who don’t understand network devices very well.

Moreover, laptops or PCs with network Wi-Fi adapter can be used as access point too.