What Is Router? (Step-by-Step Usage Explanation)

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Wireless routers, access points, repeaters are very difficult things for common router owners. A lot of articles on this website are about configurations and doing some difficult actions, but a lot of people don’t know, what is router and how it works. This article was made to close these knowledge gaps.

Router definition and how it works?

Everyone knows how router looks like and its main function, but how it works on deeper level?

Simply put, router get Internet connection and share it to all devices, which support Wi-Fi connection and locate in router’s signal coverage.

It creates Local Network, where all devices can share data between each other and get access to the Internet.

In most of the houses can be these Internet connection types:

  • Ethernet is when network cable connected to PC’s or laptop’s network card.
  • ADSL is when phone line connected to router and then put one part of network cable in this router and second part in your PC.
  • 3G/4G USB routers can be connected to USB port of device, which owner tries to connect to the Internet.

Main disadvantages of these methods are small number of connected devices and inability to connect via Wi-Fi. That is because we have only 1 cable or only 1 router. Wireless routers was made to solve these problems and provide Internet connection to all home devices via Wi-Fi.

Router step-by-step usage explanation:

Step 1: Plug your ISP’s network cable into router’s socket. If you have ADSL Internet connection type, you could buy wireless router with phone cable port. The same solution is for USB router owners — it’s necessary to buy network share device with USB ports.

Step 2: Configure your router to work properly with your Internet Service Provider. Recommend you to use instruction, which was made specially for your router. You can search it on our website. Don’t forget to set SSID and password for your network.

Step 3: Connect your home devices to new wireless network. Usually devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, are connected via Wi-Fi and PC is connected via LAN cable, one part of which is plugged into router and second part is into PCs port. Most of the routers have 4 LAN ports. Moreover, you can just buy Wi-Fi USB adapter for your PC and connect it via wireless connection too.