Reset Your TP-Link Router to Factory Defaults

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In which cases your TP-Link router should be reset? For example, it can be done to clear old configurations and set new. If you change your Internet Service Provider, it’s necessary to reset your router to factory defaults and set settings depending on new provider. Moreover, it can be done after buying new router or when your device works with problems.

In this article I would show you how to reset TP-link M64000 router, but these methods can be used for other models too. Main difference only in reset button position.

There are 2 ways how TP-Link M64000 can be reset:

  • Using special reset button on router’s body
  • Using router’ control panel

Button method

Take your wireless router in hands and find button with “RESET” label. Some models have WPS button, which can be used too. In the most cases this button locates in special hole. It was done to protect button from accidentally pressing.

It’s important to remember that this operation will remove all done settings changes. They will be reset to factory defaults. Recommend you to remember them or keep in text file.

You need to find something sharp and press this button. Hold it for about 10 seconds. Don’t unplug it from electric socket. All light will be disabled — it means reset is done.

Here is how TP-Link M64000 reset button looks like:

Control panel method

Launch your web browser and type router’s address in URL bar. Use or as address. “admin” is what you should enter in both inputs on appeared window.

Open “System Tools” tab. Here will be “Factory Defaults”, where you need to click on “Restore” button.

Alert will notify you that all settings will be reset to factory defaults. Click on “Ok”.

Done! Router will be rebooted. Now all settings are reset.