Local and Wireless Network Checking Before Router’s Configuration

Recommend you to use PC or laptop for router configuration. Moreover, it can be configured using tablet or smartphone, but that’s wrong. Better if your device will be connected to PC using LAN cable. Wireless connection can be used too, but if you want update firmware, you must use only cable connection.

It’s not important what router model you have, because before configuration, you must check what connection type is used by your internet service provider and your PC’s or laptop LAN configurations. For people, who use wireless connection when configure router, it’s necessary to check automatic IP and DNS getting is enabled. In this article I would show you how to prepare your PC to configuration on different operating systems.

Windows 7

Firstly, let’s find out how it can be done on Windows7.

Click on network icon and choose “Network and Sharing Center”. Here will be “Change adapter settings”, where you should find different connections. Choose connection, that you need, and ope its properties.

Open properties of TCP/IPv4, which you should see in list. Here will appear one more window, where we can check, that automatic IP and DNS servers getting was set. Then click confirm button.

Well done. Now you can connect your router to PC using LAN cable and configure device. If you configure router using wireless connection, in step with connection choice you should find wireless connection instead of LAN.

Windows 8

Here are the same steps as was mentioned in Windows 7. You should get in “Change adapter settings”, where find necessary connection and open its properties. Check automatic IP and DNS getting is set and confirm this.

Windows 10

Open the start menu and click Gear icon. Choose “Network and Internet” link. Here will be “Change adapter options”. Other steps are the same and were in Windows 8 and Windows 7 guides from this article.


Firstly, you should click on apple icon and here will be “System Preferences” in which you need to get. From this menu you can relocate to “Network”, where it’s necessary to choose connection and get in its “Advanced…”. In TCP/IP tab will be “Configure IPv4” input, where you should set “Using DHCP”. Click Ok.



After these preparations, you can configure your router and don’t worry about some trouble, which can be caused if you didn’t set Automatic IP and DNS server getting. Sometimes PCs have static IP and owners can’t get in access to router’s settings.

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