Methods of Finding Out Router’s IP Address

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Every device for network connection sharing has its own local network IP address. If you know this address, you could get access to your router. A lot of people forget about that aspect of router configuration, because usually it works without some manipulations with address.

Sometimes there are some troubles happen with Internet connection, so it’s important to know how to enter in configuration panel of device, but it can be done only if you know router’s IP address. This article would help you find IP address using different methods:

  • Trying addresses, which are usually used as default addresses for routers. Type or in browser’s address bar to check them.
  • Checking information, located on your router’s body.
  • Using your PC or laptop.

Let’s take a closer look at the last 2 methods.

Checking router’s body method

Take your router’s and look at him attentively. There should be sticker on bottom or back side with information about current device. There will be field with hostname or IP address, where you can see 4 digits separated by dots. You can use this method in future if you need to get some important information, which locates here.

TP-Link example:

In the most cases, you can use or IP addresses to enter in configuration panel.

PC or Laptop method



You can check gateway in connection settings. You need open network connections list, right button click on current connection and select “Network Connection Center”. There will be “Change Adapter Options”. Moreover, you can use Win + R button combination and type in appeared window “ncpa.cpl”. Then press OK.

Right button click on current connection and “Status”. There will be “Details”, where you can find “Default Gateway” field. Value of this field is your router’s local network IP address.

Command Prompt

Open CMD. To do it, use mentioned above key combination again and type “cmd”.

In command prompt you should use “ipconfig /all” command. Find “Default Gateway” here and use it to get in configuration panel.



In the top left corner click “Apple-System Preferences-Network”

Then select your internet connection and click “Advanced” button

In the appeared window select “TCP/IP” tab to see your router’s IP address. Have a look at the screenshot below:

Command Prompt

Using spotlight search open “Terminal”

In the terminal window type command “netstat -rn |grep default” and then press ENTER button.