How to Turn Off Your Wi-Fi Network?

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Turning off Wi-Fi network means that no one can access Internet connection through your wireless network, but cable connection must work. This can be done using special button, wireless network settings, unplug outlet from power supply. These methods can be used to turn it on too.

Method choice is depends on certain life situation. If you left your home for a long time period, better to disconnect router from power supply, otherwise, you can just disable only wireless network connection sharing.

Some routers have On/Off button, so you don’t need to unplug outlet.



Turning off Wi-Fi network using button or configurations

Different router manufacturers On/Off button locations and label names differs too. Press and hold this button for about 3 seconds to disable your wireless network. Light mustn’t blinking after that. If you want enable network again, repeat mentioned action.

Moreover, Wi-Fi can be turned off through administrator panel, in which you can enter using your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Below, I would show your example for different router models, but it’s not important what manufacturer’s device you use, because steps are similar for all routers.

If you don’t have devices, which can be connected using cable, you shouldn’t try this method, because you won’t be able to turn on wireless network again.


Most of the TP-Link routers have On/Off button, which you need to press and hold for 5 seconds to disable network.

In router settings you can find “Wireless” tab and here uncheck “Enable Wireless Router Radio”. Don’t forget to save changes.


On/Off button is very rare feature for Asus routers, so the most popular method is disable using administrator panel.

Enter in administrator panel and find here “Wireless”, where open “Advanced”. Turn off wireless network.

Save done changes.


Disable buttons on D-Link rarer than on Asus routers.

In configuration panel, it’s necessary to get in “Wi-Fi”. Here you can disable wireless network and save changes. To enable it, just tick box again.

It’s important to save all done changes!