How to Reboot TP-Link, D-Link, Asus, NETGEAR Routers?

This article was made for people, who don’t know how to reboot their routers and can’t understand vague guides without pictures. TP-Link, D-Link, Asus, NETGEAR, Tenda routers will be used as examples despite the similarity of used methods. Router rebooting and configuration are different things, so don’t confuse them.

Why and when you need to reboot your router?

Router is device, that conceived to be enabled 24 hours a day, so rebooting or disabling isn’t very necessary function for it. That’s why most of the manufacturers don’t add disable button on their wireless home routers. Rebooting usually is needed to apply new configurations or when router request itself.

But in practice, router rebooting is very useful for people, who has cheap router models. Sometimes routers can freeze, lose Internet, connect other devices and other problems. For example, Tp-Link TL-WR741ND and Asus RT-N13U B1 often lose Internet connection, which can be fixed by rebooting.

Recommend you to reboot router every time, when you have troubles with your device, because it can fix most of these troubles.

Reboot router with help of button or turning off?

That’s so easy. Every router can be rebooted by powering off it for about 30 seconds and powering on it. Just pull out power supply from electrical rosete, wait for necessary time and put it back.

If you have on/off button on your router’s body, you could repeat same steps, but disable router using this button.

Moreover, reboot can be made with help of reset button. To press it, you need any sharp item. Press it without holding (if you press and hold this button, your configurations will be reset to factory defaults). This method isn’t recommended, because there are enough secure methods, where you can’t accidentally reset settings.

Reboot router with help of configuration panel?

If you configured your router by yourself, you must paid your attention to “Reboot button” located in configuration panel. This button is used to reboot your router without interaction with device’s body. Better use this method, when you are already in configuration panel: after router configuration, checking connected devices, etc. Moreover, this button is very useful, when you don’t have access to router’s power supply or on/off button.

Attention: After device’s configuration, use only this method, because first method can cause unsaved changes.

Firstly, you should enter in configuration panel. Open your web-browser and type router’s address in URL bar (usually it’s or Special window will appear. Enter your credentials in it. In the most cases, you can use “admin” in both fields. If this doesn’t work, check sticker on router’s body.


In this manufacturer’s devices reboot button locates in side menu. Enter in “System tools” and then “Reboot”. Click reboot button here.


Reboot button locates on main page of configuration page. Just click on it and accept appeared message.


Click on dropdown menu “System”, where you can see something like “Reboot” or “Save”. Reboot your router.


In NETGEAR routers you should enter in “Advanced settings”, where click “Router Status”. Here will be Reboot button.


Remember, every router can be rebooted by disabling or reboot button in configuration panel. Moreover, it can be done using telnet, but this method is for advanced PC users.

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