How to Measure Your Network Connection Speed on Your PC, Smartphone and Tablet?

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In this article I would show you how to find out your connection speed with help of web and smartphone tools.

Most of the users want to know their Internet connection speed after they started to use Internet Provider service or buying new router. In first case it is useful to be sure ISP provides you promised speed. In second case, we find out speed decrease level of our router. If you bought expensive router, it should be high performance, so loss of speed will be lower.

It’s not important what connection type you use — in the both situations measure method will be the same.

There are 2 types of network connection speed: upload and download. Usually upload is slower than download. Tools, what we will use in this article, use the nearest to your location server, so if you download or upload from far servers, connection speed may decrease.

PC and Laptop

Website is the most popular service to check your wireless connection speed, so let’s try it. Open this page and click on “Begin Test”. You should see how service tests your connection speed.

There will be check of ping, download and upload speed. After finish, there will be result with external IP address and Internet Service Provider name.

Smartphone and Tablet

Moreover, Speedtest can be downloaded on your device as application. It’s available on Android and iOS. Open Google Play or App Store and type “Speedtest” (without brackets) in search. Install appeared in search results app. It’s free to use, but there are some ads. Your device must be connected to wireless network or 3G/4G/5G to start testing. Start it.

Result will be the same as on web version of speedtest, but app is more appropriate for pocket devices.