How to Make You Wireless Network Signal Stronger?

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There are a lot of different information about increasing your wireless signal range, but most of them has unnecessary information which isn’t related with network signal increasing.

When we are talking about “making signal stronger”, we will mean coverage of network signal. For example, you bought new wireless router and set it up. If you have huge apartments, in some rooms signal will be very low. A lot of people deal with similar problems.

What things may affect WiFi signal quality? There are a lot of them: technical characteristics of the router, apartment walls, number of wireless networks around your house, router location, interference, etc. So there isn’t universal recommendation, which will solve all your problems.

How to make signal stronger using configurations?

Router signal range can be increased using configuration page of your router. Let’s find out how it can be done.

1. Find and change router’s channel. Take you smartphone or tablet and check available wireless networks in WiFi list. If number of networks is very huge, it’s very bad for your network’s signal because all these networks overload channel on which your network operates, so signal will be weaker.

You should try to set static channel in router’s configurations. Sometimes, automatic channel choice is better, so it’s important to experiment. You can use inSSIDer application to find empty channel and set it in configurations (read article “how to find empty channel dor you router?“).

2. Choose 802.11N standard for your network. In the most cases, wireless network use b/g/n. If you set 802.11N manually, this could increase its data transfer speed and signal coverage area, but some old devices don’t support this standard and they won’t see your network in network list.

To do it, open your device’s configuration panel. It locates in or addresses. There will be tab related to wireless network, where you can see “Mode” field. It’s necessary to set “N only” for it.

Save done changes and reboot your home wireless router. If there will be some trouble with old devices, return settings to previous state.

3. Check wireless signal strength in router’s configuration. In some router models you can set signal strength manually. In the most cases, there will be set maximal strength.

Here is way how it can be done for different routers:


Enter in tab related to wireless network and here will be tab for professionals. There will be tx power adjustment scale, which you can use to adjust signal strength.


Go to Wireless -> Wireless Advanced. Use “Transmit Power” to change signal power. “High” is maximum signal strength.

This method can be used to decrease you signal range too.

How to make signal stronger using external devices?

1. Repeater usage or setup second router as range extender. This is the most recommend method from all of mentioned methods, but it’s necessary to have some money to use this method.

Repeater is device, which should be located in place, where your wireless signal exists, but it’s very weak. Repeater will take this signal and will pass it along. If you don’t have money to buy repeater, you can use old wireless router as it. Here are some articles how it can be done:

This solution is perfect for apartments with more than one floor and for very huge areas.

2. More powerful antennas. Some routers have removable antennas, so you can buy new and change old for them. This method won’t increase coverage area very far and antenna price isn’t very low. Recommend you to buy repeater instead of new antennas, so this method isn’t very useful.

If you decided to buy antennas, you should choose 8 dBi, but they are very expensive.

3. New 5 GHz supported router. There aren’t a lot of devices use 5 GHz frequency, so your network won’t encounter noises from other signals. The less noise, the greater the speed and radius. In some places you can’t use 2.4GHz connection because of high number network signals with this frequency. In cases like this, 5 GHz frequency router is very recommended solution.

Additional advices

  1. It’s important to choose correct location for your router. Better to put in middle part of your house. This is not always possible due to the need to pull the cable into the center of the house, but small position changing can change quality of signal too. Don’t forget that walls are main signal enemies!
  2. On the Internet a lot of different guides, how to create signal extenders using common materials like foil or tin can. They can be used to reflect the signal.

That’s all! Choose the best method for your situation.