How to Increase Connection Speed Using Wi-Fi Router?

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Sometimes wireless connected devices have very low speed, so this article was made to show you how Wi-Fi network speed can be increased.

Cable connection is the best connection method. For example, If you have 100 Mb/s speed, your PC will have network connection speed about 80-100 Mb/s. Wireless connection will decrease this number. If your router isn’t cheap, speed will be about 50-60 Mb/s. Not only router model influence on connection speed, there are some other things that can be reasons of speed losses.

Maximal speed connection that specified on your router’s box is speed, that can’t be reached in ordinary conditions. This is just theoretical characteristic, so don’t worry if you have lower connection speed than mentioned in your router’s technical specifications.

Reasons why Internet connection speed isn’t high

One more advantage for cable connection is that it’s more stable than wireless connection.

When we put cable into our PC, we provide direct connection to our ISP. If we use router, we connect wireless device to ISP and get network signal stream from it for other devices, that have WiFi adapter. This is main reason, why connection speed decreases.

Decrease level depends on power of your router. High performance router’s decrease level lower than cheap routers, that can’t process a lot of information. In the most cases expensive device is the best choice, but not everyone has enough funds.

We found out what things can cause network connection speed, so let’s discuss methods, that can help you to increase it.

Network connection sped increase methods

Firstly, recommend you to use cable connection method and measure connection speed. It can be done with help of

Then use wireless network connection method and check speed again. This will help you to understand your network speed decreasing level through WiFi.

1) First method how network connection speed can be increased is finding free WiFi network channel. If you see a lot of devices in network list, this means you can use the same wireless channel as some of them and network signals can interfere with each other, which cause on connection speed badly. Here is article how to find free channel and set it for your network.

If your network channel set to static, try to set Auto variant.

2) Moreover, if you have a lot of neighbors, buying of 5 GHz routers will help you to increase speed. 5 GHz frequency isn’t very widely used, so network connection speed will be higher. Moreover, 5 Ghz routers support 802.11ac standard, which is faster than 802.11n.

Most of the modern devices support 5 GHz frequency, so, if you don’t have very old devices, you won’t need to worry about connection troubles.

Maximal 2.4 GHz speed is 300 Mb/s, while 5 Ghz is 433 Mb/s.

3) Firmware driver update. This method is available only for PCs and laptops. It’s important to renew the slowest devices in your wireless network, because you can’t use faster standards if there is device, which doesn’t support them.

If your WiFi network adapter isn’t the latest, you don’t need to set new. You can just try to update its drivers. This should increase your network connection speed.

4) Set 802.11n standard for your network and signal width. If all of your devices aren’t very old, in the most cases they support 802.11n standard, so it’s necessary to set it in configurations. Usually, there is set automatic standard choice. It provides capability. This variant provides higher device compatibility, but connection speed is lower.

Enter in your router’s configurations and find “Mode” tab. Set it to mentioned above standard and save done changes. Moreover, here you can change Channel Width. Set it to 40 MHz.

Don’t forget to reboot your router.

5) Sometimes old encryption method is set in configurations, so it’s not safety for your network and decrease connection speed. WPA is one of the most unsafe encryption methods, so recommend you to open your router configurations and set here WPA2-PSK encryption to protect your wireless network and increase connection speed.

6) Good position is important too. Better to place your wireless router in part of house, where you use your PC, laptop and other devices often. If your house is very large, you can increase signal strength with help of repeater or buy new powerful router.

More tips how to make your wireless signal stronger here.

7) Sometimes router firmware update can help you too. Manufacturers can fix some bugs, which decrease speed, or add new features to increase it, so recommend you to try update firmware. How it can be done, you can find in special article.

If you have a lot of devices, don’t forget to disable WiFi on not used devices, because connected devices divide connection speed between each other.


The easiest method is to buy new powerful router, but not everyone has enough money, so mentioned above speed increase methods can be used in this case.