How to Find Out Tp-Link, Asus, D-Link, Tenda MAC Addresses?

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This article will show you how to find out router’s MAC address which is usually called physical address.

If you are here, you know in what purposes MAC address can be used. The most common case is when Internet Service Provider binding your MAC and you need to say it to him. You can face with some troubles when configure router, so read about connection types here and configuration for each of them here.

So let’s find out how MAC address can be found. In this article Tp-Link, D-Link and Asus routers because of their popularity among consumers, but steps can be used with routers from other manufacturers.

There are two ways how to find your router’s MAC address:

  • Check device’s sticker, which located on router or on router’s box. Asus box was with sticker unlike Tp-Link, but it’s not important, because you always can find this sticker on router’s body.
  • Check router’s configuration and clone MAC address from them. If you changed your device’s MAC address in control panel, it won’t be the same as on sticker, so MAC from stick will be useless.

Checking MAC address on sticker

The easiest method is to check sticker label on router’s body. Take route in your hands and find sticker with a lot of information. Here will be line with “MAC address”. That’s what we are searching for. Here are pictures with stickers from different manufacturers:



Checking MAC address in configurations

В этом способе так же нет ничего сложно. Достаточно зайти в настройки маршрутизатора, и посмотреть.

This method isn’t difficult too. You just need to enter in router’s configuration and find here MAC address.

Let’s take Tp-Link router as example.

Type or in your web-browser’s address bar. Type credentials in appeared window. In the most cases you should type “admin” in both fields.

You could see MAC address on main page.

If you are owner of Huawei router, follow these steps too, but you have to click “Home Network Information” yet:

New configuration panel store device’s MAC address in “LAN MAC address” field.