How to Find Empty Channel and Use It For Your Router?

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A lot of people don’t know, how to find empty channel and choose it for your wireless router. It’s not strange! Need to change channel appears in many people because of a lot of noise on current channel, which causes slow data transfer and lower signal strength.

Sometimes problems with channel can cause invisibility of wireless network in device’s WiFi network list. In this article I would describe you why this happens and how channel can be changed.

What is WiFi channel and what reasons to change it?

Nowadays, most of the routers use 2,4 GHz frequency. New modern routers usually use 5 GHz frequency. Modern routers are more expensive, so that’s the main reason of first type router popularity. For 2,4 GHz routers number of channels is limited. When there are more than one networks use the same channel, there will be some interference.

If you live in apartment block, you will deal with this trouble. For example, you have several neighbors and you set 4th channel for your wireless network. A big chance that someone from neighbors will set the same channel and this causes negative things mentioned above.

If you check router’s configuration page, you will see that network’s channel is chosen automatically after router enabling. Router tries to use the emptiest channel. Rebooting can be used to change channel, so better to leave automatic channel choice instead of manual choice of static channel.

inSSIDer and WiFiInfoView applications were made for people, who decided to set router channel manually and want find empty channels. We would show you how to use these applications, but don’t forget that network troubles can be caused not only by channel fullness, but by router power supply, noises from other devices, component problems, etc.

How to use inSSIDer or WiFiInfo View?

Open wireless network list on your device. If there are a lot of networks, it means some of the channels are too full. inSSIDer and WiFiInfoView applications were made to help people find the emptiest channels. Both of them are empty and not very difficult for people, who can follow instruction steps. So let’s find out how you can use these apps.


Firstly, you should download inSSIDer to your PC. Download page can be found using Google search. Just extract downloaded archive and launch exe file. Follow setup instructions. Moreover, this app is available for Android and iOS platforms. Check official application store of your smartphone’s operating system. After installation is completed, you can start application.

Enable WiFi on device from which you will check empty channels, because you must see available networks. Open insider and click on NETWORKS tab, where you should see available networks. If you connected to any network, it will be marked by star.

Channel column show us what channel is used by current network. Find the emptiest channel. Channels 1, 6, 11 don’t intersect, so if one of them is empty, better to use it. In some lines you can see 2 channels selected (only for 2.4Ghz). That’s because of frequency range by default is set to 40 MHz, so network takes one more channel. It can be set to 20 MHz manually. After that, your network will use only one channel.


WiFiInfoView is very simple application. It’s not important to install for usage. Just download it from software share website. Unzip archive and launch exe file. Program will start after that.

Interface very similar to inSSIDer. Here you can see channel column too. Find channel, which isn’t used by other networks, so select this channel in your router’s configuration page.

Let’s find out how to set what channel will be used by your wireless network.

How to change network channel on Tp-Link router?

If you have Tp-Link router, follow these steps:

  • Connect your device to router, using cable or WiFi
  • Open web-browser and type router’s address to URL bar ( or
  • Here will be window, where you need type default credentials. Enter “admin” in both fields.
  • In configuration page you could see “Wireless” tab. Open it and here will be “Wireless Settings”, on which you should click. Set the emptiest channel in “Channel” field.
  • Save done changes and reboot your router.