How to Enter In Router’s Configuration Page?

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Everyone, who wants to change some router settings like password, SSID and others, would deal with entering in configuration panel, where you can do all these actions. It can be done with special steps combination. These steps are usually similar for all router models. There are some changes, which will be specified in this article.

Router in the most cases operates on its own software and accessible only using network cable. Every router bundle includes special disk, which contains special software, that can be used for fast setting up of device, but better to do configuration manually. Manual set up is more reliable and isn’t very difficult for persons without technical knowledge.

In this article I would describe you both methods of accessing configuration panel: network cable and wireless methods. Recommend you to use only first method, but there are some situations when this method isn’t available, so you can use second. Moreover, you can’t use wireless connection to update router’s firmware.

How to enter in configuration panel using PC?

You don’t need to do some difficult actions to enter in configuration panel — this must be done only if there are some trouble with default method. Firstly, try to enter in router’s configuration page.

Connect your router to PC via network cable.

Take first part of cable and plug it into Ethernet port of your PC or laptop.

Second part should be plugged into one of four router’s LAN ports. They are colored in yellow.

In the most cases or addresses can be used to enter in router’s configuration panel. Credentials and address of router can be found on router’s body. Usually this information typed on sticker on backside or bottom of body. Sometimes TP-Link routers can use address too.

Router must be enabled. Then open your web-browser. Type your router’s address in URL bar and press Enter button. There will be window with 2 inputs in which you should type your identification data. Default username and password are “admin”. This information can be found on sticker, which was mentions above.

If credentials were changed, use new identification data. Forgotten credentials can’t be restored, so it’s necessary to reset your router’s settings to factory defaults (example for TP-Link).

When you’ve typed credentials, press Enter button. If identification data is correct, you will see router’s settings.

How to enter in configuration panel using wireless connected device?

If it’s necessary to change router settings, but you don’t have network cable or PC at this moment, device with wireless modules can be used.

You can change wireless router settings using smartphone, laptop tablet or other device with wireless connection availability, but don’t use this method to update your router’s firmware. By doing this you can break your device.

All actions in browser are the similar to actions, which were mentioned in cable method, but difference is in connection to network. Take device, which will be used to configure router, find your wireless network in network list and connect to it. If router is new, it will have default SSID (network name) and configuration panel address. Then repeat all actions from first method.

Popular troubles and their solutions

You can check article with advanced description of all troubles and their solution. Here I will describe only the most popular troubles with which people face.

1) Page not accessible error, or the page cannot be opened error

This error means your device can’t connect to router. It’s not important what connection type you use. Check notification panel. If you use cable connection, here should be PC icon with yellow sign or without it. Wireless connection is showed as wireless connection icon.


  • Check your PC’s network configuration. If IP and other configurations are set to static, you should set them to automatically getting.
  • Maybe, network cable is damaged, so try to change it or use wireless connection.
  • If you use cable connection and have enabled Wi-Fi, you should turn it off, and vice versa.
  • Try reset router in case, when nothing helps. Maybe, there are some incorrect settings set, so it’s more difficult to find them than reset router.
  • Sometimes router can be broken.

2) Incorrect credentials or nothing happens after clicking on Enter button.

If you typed credentials in appeared window and error appeared or nothing happened, you should use these tips to solve this problem.


  • Try different username and password pairs: use upper letters, try stay inputs empty, type only password, etc.
  • Use other browsers.
  • Reset your router