How to disable Wi-Fi on ZyXEL Keenetic router?

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In this article I would describe you, how wireless connection can be disabled on your router. This is useful, when you want provide Internet only via cable. Moreover, you can disable it only at night to protect yourself from radiation. For example, my router disable wireless connection at midnight and enable in the morning.

Disable Wi-Fi using button or configuration panel methods

As you could understand, there are 2 disable methods: you can use button (the fastest method) or configuration panel.

It can be easily done with help of special button located on router’s body. Just press and hold WPS button for about three seconds.

After this, wireless connection will be unavailable. You can make sure of this by looking at the extinguished indicator. Repeat mentioned above actions to start Wi-Fi again.

To disable wireless connection via configuration panel, you should enter in it. If you don’t know, how it can be done, read our article.

Open Wi-Fi tab, located at the bottom, and untick “Enable access point”. Apply changes.

To enable wireless connection again, repeat this actions, but checkbox must be ticked.

Now, you know, how to disable you Wi-Fi.