How to Delete a Wireless Network Profile? Windows 7 / 10 / MacOS

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In previous articles I described how to connect devices to WiFi network, so here is article about deleting network from list of remembered networks on Win 10/7 and Mac OS. It can be done via console of your platform, but easier to use device’s settings.

This article is very useful if you need to be disconnected from the Internet, but your PC connects to wireless network automatically. So let’s find out how to remove wireless network profile.

Windows 10

1. Get in Network Settings by clicking on network picture located on bottom panel and then clicking on necessary section.

2. We need Wi-Fi settings tab. Enter in it.

3. Network can be deleted by selecting it and clicking on Forget. After this, your wireless network profile is deleted.

Windows 7

1. Firstly, you should enter in Network and Sharing Center. You can get in it from Control Panel. Here you should find Network and Internet, where you just need to click on necessary tab.

2. Open Manage wireless networks located on left part of window.

3. There will be list with all wireless network you previously connected your PC. Delete necessary network by selecting it and clicking on Remove button.

Mac OS

1. Click on Apple icon and then open System Preferences.

2. There will be Network icon, click it.

3. Open Wi-Fi tab and then Advanced.

4. In Wi-Fi section there will be list of known networks.

5. Select necessary network and click on minus (remove) button and OK button.

6. Reconnect to this network in Network window in Wi-Fi section.