How to Decrease Wireless Router Signal Strength?

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In the most cases people don’t know how to increase signal strength to provide wireless network connection for larger area, but there are some situations when wireless router’s owner want to decrease wireless router signal strength.

It can be done via router’s configurations, but not every router model supports this function. In this article you will find different manufacturer routers examples.

Here is situation when this function is very useful. You have small apartment and very powerful wireless router. Your wireless signal will make interference for neighbor’s wireless signals and people can connect to your network outside your apartment. The easiest solution is signal strength decreasing.

Moreover, high level of tx power can be dangerous for your health because of radiation. Let’s find out how to configure signal strength on different routers models.

How to decrease TP-Link signal?

Login to your router:

In TP-Link router’s you can’t use percents to set your signal power level — there are already prepared choices. Enter in your TP-Link device’s configuration page and follow this tab way Wireless –> Wireless Advanced. Here you can see Operation Mode or Transmit Power, where you can select signal strength power:

  • High — maximum power level
  • Middle — medium power level
  • Low — minimum power level

Choose appropriate variant and click Save button.

How to decrease D-Link signal?

Actions for D-Link routers are similar. Enter in D-Link configurations using address. Open Wireless -> Advanced Settings, where you should set Transmit Power. In D-Link routers Tx power is set in percents.

Don’t forget to save done changes.

How to decrease ZyXEL signal?

Enter in manage panel of your ZyXEL Keenetic router using Open Network and here will be part related to Signal Power. Choose necessary strength in dropdown menu.

Apply settings and reboot your ZyXEL router.


Now you know how to decrease your signal strength and cases when it’s necessary to be done. As was mentioned above, you should already know how to enter in router’s configuration panel.