How to Configure Router After ISP Changed?

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If you decided to change your Internet Service Provider or change your accommodation place, you don’t need to buy new router. A lot of people ask themselves “How to configure router?” after Internet Provider changed. It’s not very difficult, but there are some nuances which will be discussed below.

  1. Firstly, recommend you to reset router to factory defaults to drop older settings, which were configured in old Internet Provider times. Find RESET button on device’s body. It usually locates in special hole, which protects button from accidental pressing. Sometimes it can be labeled as WPS/REST. Press and hold it for about 1/4 of minute. Be sure router is turned on at this moment. If all done correct, lights must stat blinking and router will reboot.
  2. Second step is finding out necessary information for router configuration. Ask your ISP about connection type used by him and about MAC address binding. Moreover, all this information could be found in contract between you and provider.
  3. Then take your wireless router and plug Ethernet cable in WAN socket. Open router’s settings page and configure necessary settings. Configuration process is depended on what router model you have. The most important settings are Internet, Wi-Fi network (SSID, password, etc). Instruction how it can be done is on our website in “Router configuration” tab.

Congratulations! That’s all what you have done to configure router after ISP changed.