How to Choose Router in 2019? (The Main Features)

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Thinking about buying new wireless router, but don’t know how to choose what will not cause regrets in the future? This article would describe you the most important aspects of buying wireless router in 2019. There are 3 device features, which really influence on usage experience:

Feature #1: Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Simply put, standard is set maximal speed of your wireless connection speed. There are 5 Wi-Fi standard generations with their own bandwidth, but we are interested only in 802.11n and 802.11ac.

If you have unlimited router buying budget, the best variant is 802.11ac router. It will provide you connection speed about 1300 Mbps. Moreover, this standard is compatible with older Wi-Fi generations.

Cheaper variant is 802.11n router. It has lower connection speed, but this speed in enough for comfortable Internet usage — watching movies, playing games, etc.

Feature #2: 5 GHz frequency range

Most of the routers use 2.4 GHz frequency. This means it is very loaded by wireless signals frequency. Your and your neighbors wireless router signals will interference each other if you buy 2.4 GHz device. Moreover, this frequency is used by different household appliances. 5 GHz choice isn’t very expensive, but very effective for increasing connection speed.

Some usage specificity:

  • 5 GHz networks have far as 2.4 GHz signal range. If you use it in apartments or in small office, you don’t need to worry about it, but better to read about correct location of router.
  • Most of the old devices don’t support this frequency, so upgrade all your devices to modern or just leave ancient devices in the past.
  • Some home wireless routers can create 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless network at the same moment, so you can use it with old device and with modern devices on higher connection speed.

Feature #3: Antennas

For places with large area better to buy wireless router with external antennas. Internal antennas have lower wireless signal increase coefficient and can’t be easily changed. Some router models have higher coefficient because of more powerful signal transmitter, but this is not common.

Here is list with not very important features and some lifehacks:

  • Internet Service Provider compatibility — find out your ISP’s connection type and remember this when you will search router.
  • LAN ports number — this is important feature, when some of your devices connected via cable.
  • LAN ports speed — if your local network traffic is very high, it’s important to have high LAN ports speed.
  • If you find router convenient to your requirements, it’s necessary to read user reviews on the Internet.
  • Guarantee duration — high quality products have long guarantee duration.
  • Appearance and sizes
  • Router manufacturer

That’s all important for common user features. Advanced users will check things like FTP server, downloading files, UPnP, etc, but they don’t need advices from articles like this.

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