How to Check Information About Connected Devices on ZyXEL Router?

In this article you will find out how to find number of connected to your wireless network devices and information about them: device name, MAC, IP, traffic usage. This can be useful if you suspect someone is using your network without your permission.

This guide suitable for most router models, but, as example, I will use “Start” model.

Check ZyXEL Keenetic clients list

You should enter in router’s configuration panel. To do it, you need open web-browser and type in URL bar. Then enter credentials in appeared windows. If you have problems with this, you can read our article about entering in admin panel.

Here will be “Connections” tab, where you can see all connected to Wi-Fi network devices.

If nothing happens, wait a few seconds or refresh page.

As you can see on screenshot, there will be different information about clients:

  • Device name
  • MAC address
  • IP address
  • Traffic usage
  • Channel width
  • Connection speed (Mbs)
  • Time passed after device was connected
  • Signal strength. This information can be used to find approximate distance between your router and client’s device.

Moreover, list of clients can be found in “Home Network” tab. Here will be connected via cable devices. Clicking on one of connections will show you advanced statistics about its usage of your Wi-Fi.

That’s all, what you must know if you want to be able check all devices, which use your wireless network connection. Every unknown devices can be blocked.