How to Change Router’s SSID?

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Every WiFi network has its own SSID (network identifier). This thing differs wireless network from other network types. Some people hide their networks names to protect them from hacking or for other reasons. In the most cases people don’t change default settings, so network SSID stays default.

Take your device or start PC and check available wireless networks in network list. There should be a lot of SSIDs, which contains manufacturers names. It’s not very important what network identifier you have, but original name will help you to differ your wireless network from others. This article was made to show you how it can be done.

Actions for all router models are similar — you should enter in router’s configuration panel, find tab, which allows you to change wireless network SSID. Then it’s necessary to reboot your router and reconnect all devices using new network credentials.

Better to use only Latin letters and digits, otherwise there may be some troubles with router work.


Open your TP-Link configuration panel. You can find out how it can be done in this article. Open Wireless tab and set new name in Wireless Network Name input. Don’t forget to save all done changes.

Reboot router and try to connect to your network with changed SSID.


Asus address to enter in configuration panel is Open WLAN tab and use SSID Name field to change current network name on new.

Click Apply button to save new configurations. Window with new credentials should appear after this.


D-Link router owners should use address to enter in page with router settings. There they can find WiFi tab with necessary “SSID” field, in which they should type new wireless network name.

Apply button is used to save done changes.


As was mentioned above, you need to use your wireless router address to enter in configuration panel. In ZyXEL router this address is Here you should enter in WiFi network tab, where network name field is located.

Save new network settings using Apply button.


Open your browser and type address in URL bar. When you are on main page with quick setup settings, click on Advance Settings, which locates on top-right side.

Here it’s necessary to find Wireless settings and open them. Primary SSID field is used to set network name, so type new network identifier and press OK button to save settings.


Tenda have unusual configuration panel address — You will see 2.4G SSID and 5G SSID (if you use two bandwidth router). Type new network name and apply new settings.

If you have troubles, when entering in configuration panel, you can find article about this process for certain wireless router on our website.