How to Change Default “admin” Password?

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If you set new wireless router at your home and use it, it’s important to think about security. Default password is very insecure, so you should create stronger password. Often, router owners set good password for their wireless networks, but forget about credentials, which are used to enter in configuration panel.

Every home router has settings panel, which can be changed by connected to WiFi users. If you have default credentials, everyone, who already found wireless network password, can used default password and login to enter in configuration panel, where they can do all what they want with your network. In the most cases “admin” can be used in both credentials fields.

For create a strong password, you can use our password generator.

In this article you I would show you how to change default “admin” password on routers from different manufacturers: Tp-Link, D-Link, Asus, Zyxel.

Don’t forget new password! Recommend you to keep it somewhere on paper or in text file, otherwise you can’t enter in router’s configuration panel and you have to reset your wireless router to factory defaults.


Firstly, let’s find out how change default router configuration panel on Tp-Link router. Your device should be connected to router and then you can type its address ( or in web-browser’s URL bar. Type “admin” in both inputs of appeared window.

Find “System Tools” in configuration panel and then click on “Password”. “Old User Name” and “Old Password” fields are for old credentials. Then type new credentials, but it isn’t necessary to change login.

Save done changes by clicking on “Save” button. There will be window, where you could use new login and password.


Enter in configuration panel, using address. Here will be “System” tab, where you should find “Password”. Type new password twice and press “Accept”. You will be notified that device settings are changed. Click on this notification.

Be sure created password is unique, or it won’t be applied.

After rebooting, you can use new credentials.


Enter to control panel typing in the browser, than type default login “root” and password “admin”.

you have to go through the tab “System Tools” and than “Modify login password”. After entering a new password press “Apply” and rebooting your router.


Use address to enter in admin panel. “Administration”. Type password, which will be used to protect your network, in field for new password twice. Use button to apply it. Now, you can use this password to enter in your device’s settings.


Enter in settings by the same method as was mentioned in paragraphs above. Here will be “System” tab, where you should choose “Users”. Click on “admin”, where you could type new password. Save changes. Now your admin panel password is changed!