How to Backup Your Tp-Link Wireless Network Settings Before Firmware Update?

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All Tp-Link routers have very useful functions — network settings backup and restoring them. When you can use this functions? If you want experiment with your wireless network settings and worry about doing something wrong. You can create local stored copy of your settings and if you broke your network by changing configurations, old setting’s version can be restored.

But the most popular situations, when it’s necessary to be done are:

  • Firmware update. After this, all settings will be reset to factory default, so you need to set up all of them again. Easier way is to backup settings and restore them after update.
  • Sometimes router must be reset to factory defaults to solve some problems related to slow network work. In this case backup is very useful too!

Let’s find how to do backups and restore them.

How to save Tp-Link settings to your PC?

Connect your device to router. For this you can use network cable or WiFi.

Open web-browser and type router’s address in URL bar. For Tp-Link or can be used.

Enter credentials into inputs on appeared field. If you didn’t change them, they must be “admin” for login and password.

Now you are on router’s configuration page! Here you need to follow this way:

System Tools -> Backup & Restore

To save your network settings, you should click on Backup button. Choose file directory and save it in .bin format.

After this, you can see backup file on your PC. It can be used to restore settings. Now I would show you how it can be done.

Restore router settings

Open router’s configuration page again and follow the same way as was mentioned above. Click on Choose File button. In opened window you should find saved .bin file and select it. Then click on Restore button.

Now your settings are the same as were before reset! Recommend you to do backup even if you don’t plan to reset your router settings. Sometimes settings drop can be caused by some unknown errors.