Enter in ZyXEL Admin Panel Using my.keenetic.net

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This article would describe you how to enter in ZyXEL router’s administration panel. It’s not important what router model you have. For people, who don’t very understand how to configure router, there will be images comparable to what you should see on the screen.

We would show you both of methods: cable method and wireless. PC isn’t always near you, so better to know how to enter in router’s configuration page using smartphone or tablet but cable method is more reliable!


Firstly, you should connect your PC, laptop, smartphone to router. This device will be used to enter in router’s admin panel.

Cable method

Take you network cable, which is included in router bundle, and plug first part of it in LAN socket of router. It is colored in yellow.

Second part of cable should be plugged into PC or Laptop Ethernet socket.

Don’t forget to connect the router to an outlet. Indicators should light up. If nothing happens, maybe your power is turned off using button. Enable it.

Connected device status looks like on this image:

Wireless method

Take your device (smartphone, laptop, tablet) and enter in its settings. Here will be WiFi tab. Open this tab.

There should be list of wireless network around you. If you didn’t change SSID of your network, you could see your router model name in list — this is your network. Connect to it using default credentials.

Entering in admin panel using my.keenetic.net or

After device connection, open your favorite web-browser and type one of mentioned above addresses. Press Enter button.

my.keenetic.net is ZyXEL routers default address. If you forget it, just check sticker on backside or bottom side of router’s body.

If you can’t open configurations, it’s necessary to check wireless or network cable connection on device, which you used to enter in panel. Maybe, there are some provider or router settings, which don’t allow you to enter in admin panel.

There will be window, where you need to type login and password. If your router has already configured, you should type created previously credentials. Otherwise, you can use default “admin” in both fields. Reset can be used by people, who forget changed credentials.

If your router isn’t configured, you will see window with buttons: Web-Based Configurator and Quick Start Setup

Quick setup would help you to configure your ZyXEL step-by-step. Web configurator button will throw you on configuration page. There will be page, where you create and type password, which will be used in future as admin panel password. This was made to protect your device settings from unwanted access by other people.

Remember new password or keep it in text file or on a paper.

There will appear window, where you need use your new credentials. After this, router configurations are opened.

Here you can change all what you want (network name, password, block access for devices, etc), but don’t forget to save done changes.