What Difference Between Reboot And Reset of router?

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What is reboot and reset of router? Are these definitions not equal? No, reset and reboot mean completely different things.

Why it’s important to understand what both of these definitions mean? Answer is that they influence on your router very different. One of them can do non-returnable changes, while second is not as destructive as the first. So here we would show you different ways of usage reset and reboot.

Definitions like soft reset and hard reset may confuse you, but don’t worry. All mentioned terms will be explained.

Reboot is when you turn off and then turn on

Reboot can be called as reboot, power cycle or soft reset. Simply put, “to reboot router” means turn off power supply of device and then turn it on. This operation can be applied to most of the electric devices.

There are different ways, how it can be done: plugging out from supply socket, using special on/off button, via administrator panel interface. When you use one of the mentioned methods, device can’t receive power until you will start it. Moreover, all started software will be shut down, so it’s necessary to be sure some important processes aren’t operating.

Reset is when you return all settings to factory default

“Reset” and “Reboot” words sounds very similar and are used by people in inappropriate cases, but they perform completely different functions.

Simply put, reset in technical analogue of erasing. You erase all done changes and return router to initial state, when you opened box for the first time and connect it to power supply. Your router’s firmware will be returned to the factory default too.

When you can use reset function? Sometimes people forget their passwords and usernames. If it happened, the best variant to get access to router admin panel is reset device and try use default credentials, which can be found online or on router’s body. Moreover, you can reset router if there are a lot of configuration changes, that you unlike, and you are lazy to set previous settings manually.

You must be sure, that reset is necessary to be done if you plan it, because you can restore erased data back.

Sometimes, reset is called as hard reset.

Why it’s important to know definition differences?

That was already mentioned above. Tech-savvy people will erase all router settings if you ask them to reset router while you want router to be rebooted. Understanding of these definitions will protect you from many uncomfortable situations.