Connect 2 Routers to The Same Network Using WiFi and Cable Methods

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In this article we will discuss how 2 routers can be connected to each other at the same network. First method is using WiFi and second is using network cable.

In which cases 2 connected to each other routers can be useful? For example: extending Wi-Fi signal coverage. It can be done with help of repeaters or router, which is used as repeater. You should connect your first router to second, using cable or without it, put it in further place and share signal from it.

Moreover, you can share Internet costs with your neighbor. You can pay for the same Internet connection and use it in both apartments. There are more usage situations than mentioned above, but most likely you’ve already known in what purposes it can be used.

Connection methods

There two methods:

  • WDS or wireless connection method. In this case routers can be located at a sufficiently large distance from each other without wires. Comfort is the main advantage of this method, but there are some disadvantages: unstable connection, lower data transfer speed, lack of support by some models of routers. If you can’t use cable because of location features, recommend you to use this method.
  • Cable connection method. In this case connection will be very stable and data transfer speed will be higher. In this case you need very long network cable, which can be bought or made by yourself. Cable included in router box is very short.

Wish you found appropriate method, so let’s dig deeper.

Wireless method (WDS)

Firstly, you should have wireless router and network to which our second router will be connected. It’s not important to use routers from the same manufacturer.

Does it’s necessary to change first router settings? Static wireless channel should be set for your router, otherwise you may have some connection troubles. You can find how it can be done here.

That’s all what should be changed.

How to configure WDS on Tp-Link

It’s so easy to configure Tp-Link WDS connection type. Enter in router’s settings. Open Wireless -> Wireless Settings and change channel. Then enter in Network -> LAN, where you should change last digit of IP address. It’s set to by default, so type We did it because it’s important for routers to have different IP addresses.

Open “Wireless Settings” on second router. Change network name, set the same channel as was set for first router. Enable WDS Bridging and press Survey button. There will be list with networks. Choose network from which current router will get Internet connection. Earlier, I already wrote separate detailed instruction about configuring Tp-link routers in bridge mode (WDS).

How to configure WDS on Zyxel

Open Zyxel Keenetic router configurations. Open your device’s IP settings and set static IP address for both routers.

Then open Configuration -> Wireless -> AP Management. First router should be set to root AP and second is to Repeater. Don’t forget to click on “Enable WDS Wireless Bridging”.

WDS Profile settings can be changed in Configuration -> Object -> WDS Profile.

Moreover, frequency and channels on both routers must be the same. Channel settings can be set in Configuration -> Object -> AP Profile -> Radio.

Create VLAN in Configuration -> Network -> VLAN. After that, your network coverage is increased.

How to configure WDS on D-Link

In D-Link this function is called Client Mode. Open Wi-Fi -> Client. Tick “Enable”, find your first router network in list and type network password in WPA field. Click on Apply button.

Open Network -> WAN. Tick all profiles and delete them. Then press “Add” button. Choose “Dynamic IP” connection type and “WiFi Client” interface. Apply. Reboot your router. After that, the connection must be established.

Network cable method

Let’s find out how 2 routers can be connected to each other using network cable. If you don’t have troubles with wires or your router can’t share wireless signal, this method is the best.

To do it, you should have network cable. It can be found in router’s bundle, but it’s very short. If distance between routers is very long, it’s necessary to buy longer cable.

You don’t need to configure something on main router. It’s important to DHCP is enabled. Usually, it’s enabled by default

So how it can be done? Take your network cable and connect it to LAN port of first router. Put this cable to WAN port of second router.

Here is explanation how it works: second router gets Internet connection from first and share it using wireless signal.

If second router doesn’t share Internet, try to reset its settings to factory defaults and then check that Dynamic IP is set in configurations.


Now, you know how to connect 2 routers to the same network using wireless or cable method. Better to use cable method if you have cable with enough length and location with enough space for wire connection, otherwise you can use wireless method.