All About log into Huawei HG8245 and HG8240 Configuration Panel

Huawei HG8245 and HG8240 are very popular Huawei network devices. They are optical terminals, which provides high speed network connection with help of GPON technology.

Main difference between these devices is ability to share Internet connection via Wi-Fi. HG8240 doesn’t have this feature.

This article will show you, how to enter in these device’s configuration page. There are a lot of different reasons, which can make you to do this. Maybe, you need to change your wireless network password, connect router to the Internet, configure IPTV, update firmware.

How to enter in configuration page of HG8245 or HG8240?

1. Device, which is used to enter in configurations, must be connected to network device via cable or Wi-Fi method. Cable is commonly included in bundle.

2. Open browser and visit page. There will be special window with inputs for credentials.

Where I can get credentials?

Default login is “root” and password is “admin”.

Then click on “Login” button. Now, you should see Huawei configuration page, where you can change all necessary settings. Don’t forget to save done changes.

What if I can’t enter?

Sometimes, there are some troubles when people try open their network device’s configurations. Here are some advises, which could help you to solve problems:

  • Check if your device is connected to router.
  • Try open using different web-browser and from different device, if it’s possible.
  • In IPv4 protocol settings you can specify static IP address: and network mask.

That’s all, what you need to know about entering in Huawei HG8245 and HG8240 configuration page.