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      Comments Off on Admin Guide about log into is one of the most popular gateway IP addresses for router like Linksys, Tp-Link, Asus, etc. A default gateway is used by devices to send any packets to global network. In other words, it provides communication between your local network devices and devices from another network. All devices connected to Wi-Fi send their traffic to and then router transfers this data to global network.

This address can be used by wireless router owners to get access to the administrator panel, where they can configure all important settings of wireless network like security settings, frequency and channel usage, name properties and local network features.

The article below guides you how to log into your device’s web interface using

Step by step guide how to log into the administrator panel using

If you log into the administrator panel, using 192.168.l.l IP address, you are able to change important settings and configurations of your wireless network.

Please pay attention, that some routers don’t ask credentials. This usually happens, when device is set with factory default. Moreover, “admin” isn’t always default login and password.

Don’t forget to connect device, which will be used for configuration, to your router via cable or wireless connection method.

  1. Open your web-browser. It’s not very important what browser or device (PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.) you use.
  2. Find address bar, located at the top of window. Type here. Press “ENTER” button. If you get an “error”, it could mean that isn’t your router’s address.
  3. There window where you need to type the router credentials will appear. Usually it is “admin” for both, and sometimes admin/password can be used as default credentials.

If you have problems with getting and using your credentials, here is the information how they can be found.

How router credentials can be found?

Default login and password of router can be found on a sticker in the bottom or back side of your device. Moreover, there is a lot of other information, like your router default IP address, MAC, default SSID, model name, serial number can be found as well.

If default credentials are incorrect, you can try to reset your router, but all settings will be reloaded to factory defaults. Hold special button for about 10 seconds. Light will start blinking if it’s done correctly.


It’s important to remember, that isn’t single existed wireless router gateway IP address. There are a lot of different addresses, like,,, Here is a full list of these addresses for certain models. All router manufacturers have their own administrator panel user interfaces, but mentioned above steps can be applied for all types of interfaces. If you don’t know what settings can be changed in the configuration page, we have a lot of articles about network security, increasing connection speed, etc.

Hope all steps were explained clearly. Good luck!