and authorization in router’s admin panel

This article will be very useful for not advanced wireless router owners. and are very popular configuration panel addresses, so this guide could be valuable, when someone needs to change settings or done other actions via admin panel. It’s not important, what router model you have, because all mentioned below actions can be applied to the most of the routers.

If doesn’t work with your router, you can check its body sticker. Usually admin panel address can be found on it. Moreover, you can find it on the Internet or in manual book, bundled with your device.

If you don’t understand this article’s topic, let’s find out it. Every router is just box with antennas and ports, which allows sharing Internet connection to other devices. Under the hood it is like typical PC: CPU, RAM, OS. Software for it was made by manufacturer to provide correct working of device.

Wireless is network device, so it has its own network address. As was mentioned above, it can be not only To get access, user must know router’s IP address and credentials (login and password), which are usually “admin”.

How to enter

Device, which you will use to enter in admin panel, must be connected to router via cable. Then you should open your browser. It’s not important, what browser you use.

Type or in address bar of browser and then press enter button.

If all configured right, there should be router’s admin panel.

Some owners deal with problems on this step. In this case, you can check end of the article.

In appeared window you should enter login and password in specified inputs.

After this, you will get in admin panel interface of your home router. It’s not correct to call it personal cabinet, because personal cabinet is for Internet Service Provider.

One more method is opening “Network”. There will be your router. Right click on it and click “View device web page”.

Okay, we found out how to enter in router’s administration panel, so let’s look closer on authorization aspect.

Enter in via credentials

Router entrance not always ask for credentials. It usually happens, when factory defaults is set. If you need to enter login and password, it doesn’t mean that “admin” is correct.

  • Some routers don’t have authorization when default settings is set. If nothing appears, you can set authorization manually. Here is article, ho it can be done.
  • Default credentials for appeared window can be found our router’s body sticker, which usually locates on backside or bottom side.

Here is a list with default credentials, which you can use if your router settings aren’t changed:

  • TP-Link/ASUS: admin/admin
  • D-Link: admin/empty
  • ZyXEL: no auth
  • Netis: no auth
  • Tenda: no auth
  • Totolink: admin/admin.

If you can’t enter with these credentials, it means your router authorization settings were changed. In this case, you could use new credentials. What should you do if they are forgotten? Here is article with solution.

Popular troubles

There are a lot of different errors, that can be caused by your entering in from wrong configured device. Here is solutions for the most popular:

  1. Try enter in administration panel using Windows “Network” method mentioned above.
  2. Reboot your home router and try other web-browsers to enter in or other device.
  3. Check your router’s IP address. Maybe it isn’t Moreover, there will be credentials.
  4. Check that your router is connected to device via cable or wireless.
  5. If you use laptop or PC, automatically address getting must be set. It should be specified in network connection properties.
  6. If nothing helped you, the best solution is try to reset router. You should hold reset button for 5-10 seconds.

That’s all, what you should know about entering in administration panel using address.