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Home router is device, which was developed to receive, analyze and move incoming data packets to another network. It may also be used to convert packets to another network interface, removing them, and do other things with network. It’s hard to imagine modern home or company without wireless network. Competent router setup will provide secure and stable Internet connection for every device in this network.

Router setup is process, that requires some technical skills from person. If device’s owner needs to change security configuration, login in admin panel, block some sites and other actions, in the most cases he will call technical specialist, but is it really necessary? In our articles collection you can find answers on the most popular questions about routers, so you can read them and do all mentioned above things by yourself.

My name is John White and I’m creator and editor of this website. For a long time I have been engaged in system administration. Every system administrator deals with a lot of questions like “My router doesn’t work, so what should I do?”, “I need to change some settings in my router, login credentials doesn’t work. Where I can find correct credentials?”, “How to find my home wireless router’s physical address?”, etc. Answer on much of them doesn’t require special technical knowledge, so I decided to keep all these questions and answers on Here I would share with you all my system administrator’s knowledge about routers and trouble solutions related with them.

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